The Smart Stones method for sustainable constructionThe Smart Stones method for sustainable constructionThe Smart Stones method for sustainable constructionThe Smart Stones method for sustainable constructionThe Smart Stones method for sustainable construction

Business owners, developers, manufacturers, builders, wholesalers and retailers

Smart Stones are an ideal product for creative business owners who want to construct amazing buildings or create spectacular products for their customers.


Consumers, businesses

Consumers and businesses looking for a simple and affordable way to construct aesthetically pleasing, sustainable and cost-effective buildings for residential, commercial or recreational purposes, or looking to complete a refurbishment quickly and easily.

Why build with Smart Stones?   What can you build using Smart Stones?
  Rapid construction using Smart Stones.

  • Residential and Non-Residential Construction
    All types of newly constructed homes (including recreational and waterfront homes), offices, business premises, shops, schools, public buildings, temporary housing and amenities, etc.
  • Renovations and refurbishments
    Floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, basements, kitchens, bathrooms.
  • Annexes and extensions
    Garages, garden sheds, verandas, conservatories, etc.
  • Outdoors
    Patios and paving, boundary partitions, garden accessories.
  • Miscellaneous
    Event set-up, advertising and exhibition stand erection, road building, hydraulic engineering, basement and swimming pool construction.
      Save up to 95% on the man-hours currently required for construction. It sounds incredible, but it is true. You can build 1 m² of floor, wall, ceiling, roof, patio, wall, etc. in just a few minutes thanks to the patented sections incorporated into panels and uprights.

    Greater net floor area using Smart Stones
    Panels provide more than just adequate strength, stability and insulation. A 120-mm thick Smart Stones wall is suitable for building whatever you want.

    Smart Stone panel and tubing quality.
    Smart Stones are standard slabs made of fibreglass (80% sand) measuring 120 mm thick, 610 mm wide and either 900 mm or 2600 mm high. Variable heights are also available. Patented profiles make the structure strong and stable and are virtually seamless. Panels have a smooth finish, require no additional time-consuming finishing, have an aesthetically pleasing appearance and are easy to paint or decorate.

    Sustainable construction using Smart Stones
    The stones are durable, strong, wear-resistant and lightweight. Panels are filled with insulation material and have an Rc value of 6.